If I Can You Can



Find out how Gabriel Nájera has become a successful person over time, despite his disability he has managed to position himself as a great Coaching, lecturer and professional speaker.

Life is good… ALL the time.

I was just recently boarding a plane to Cancun when I was given a seatin the very front row with extra legroom. I thought in my mind: “Great,I will be able to stretch my legs, relax and enjoy this flight.”...

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A purpose in life

Not only do you have a purpose in life, but you have a specific purposethat is strategic and equally important to be on this earth. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a reason to exist. All of the world. Even...

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Think positive… live

In a study that was conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, some of their patientsfrom Minnesota underwent a personality test that evaluated their different levels of optimism and pessimism. The progress of all the patients was measured over 30...

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Dare to live a more successful and happy life!

“The limits are only in the head and you put them on yourself”.