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Gabriel Najera

Who is Gabriel Najera?

Gabriel Najera is one of the Best world class speakers with a lot of public speaking experience. He is a Motivational speaker without arms who inspires other people. He is a professional, bilingual, public keynote speaker in English and Spanish. He is easily found and followed by many as an excellent Motivational speaker on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Najera is an inspiring, motivating and humorous , professional speaker who has an instinctive ability to capture and lift the spirits of people, empowering them for a renewed reach toward any goals, dreams and purpose they once thought were impossible to accomplish.

Gabriel Najera Biography

Gabriel was born on July 13, 1966 in Mexico City. He was born with a disability where he has no arms and very short legs. Since he did not have both arms and his legs did not fully develop, as usual, the doctor's diagnosis at birth was that he was born without life. However, God had other plans for Gabriel by giving him a second chance to live a successful life, despite his little hope of survival. He has set himself up in the midst of all adversity as a unique example for all. With his efforts against disability, he is the best inspirational speaker in the world. Najera has managed to live a full life both personally and as a professional, which is why he is a such a great inspiration to millions around the world. And after all, he is a happy man full of life, ideas, dreams, and illusions. He best describes himself as a human being who despite of all the obstacles along the way, he still manages to live a complete life.

Since birth, he has managed to succeed in both, his professional and personal life. He is a professional systems engineer, fully bilingual in English and Spanish. A successful entrepreneur having created six successful companies in just a little over 25 years, a self published author of 2 books and a happy man after having formed an indescribable family.

In business as in life, you can always get what you want, by never giving up

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What has Gabriel Najera done?

Gabriel has managed to get ahead in his professional and personal spheres ever since he began his very first business at the tender age of 23 years of age. Within the first 15 years he had become successful entreprenuer by creating 6 (Six) profitable companies with offices in the USA and Mexico. He is also the author of two self published books, “If I can, you can be happy” and another being “Smile My Way”.

In 2014 he was awarded the medal of peace by the United Nations at a national sports event in Mexico City, and an honorable medal of recognition by the National University of Business Management in Lima, Peru.


What do people think?

Me agrado mucho escuchar tu historia de vida, creo que eres un gran ejemplo para mucha gente….

Adriana Sanchez Sanchez

Sé que Dios te envió a mi vida, has llegado en un momento crucial.¡Gracias!…

Adriana Sanchez Sanchez

Quiero decirte que me parecio muy motivadora la platica que nos compartiste, eres una persona explendida y te admiro muchisimo, gracias Gabriel por compartir tu vida con nosotros…….

Jessica Vazquez

Gabriel excelente tu testimonio, cuanta grandeza posees, te admiro y ha sido un enorme placer para mi haber sido partícipe de tu testimonio. Eres ahora mismo un baluarte y ejemplo a seguir para muchos. Es increíble tu obra y todo lo que has alcanza…

Robert Rodríguez

Excelente tu mensaje de la vida. Tendré que aplicar las lecciones que nos haz compartido para ser feliz…

Jose Luis

Hola quiero decirte que el haber escuchado tu conferencia en la CDMX me motivo a darme cuenta lo importante que es la vida, agradesco a la vida por haberme dado la oportunidad de escucharte……

Geovany Cuamatzi

If I can, you can

Spanish Version
Author: Gabriel Nájera

Smile my way

Spanish Version
Author: Gabriel Nájera

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