If I Can You Can


Life is good… ALL the time.

I was just recently boarding a plane to Cancun when I was given a seat
in the very front row with extra legroom. I thought in my mind: “Great,
I will be able to stretch my legs, relax and enjoy this flight.”

Then suddenly three families with eight children sat around me. There
were children climbing on the chair in front of me. There were children
kicking the chair behind me. There were children throwing things from
across the isle. It was total chaos. I was surrounded and felt like at
least four of them at some point were screaming the entire trip.

But then I thought:

“I was also that age at one time and I was where they are right now”

So I said to myself:

“That’s life, just get over it”

And I did it.

As I’m sitting in the window seat wondering who will be sitting next to
me, I see this huge, over-sized man, almost 6 feet tall, coming down the
aisle approaching the seat next to me. I kept thinking: “Surely he will
not sit next to me.” Now the man who really needs a seat and a half to
accommodate his size has suddenly robbed me of the legroom I was
planning to use to enhance the ride. As I’m being pushed against the
side of the plane, I keep saying to myself, “That’s life, just get over
it.” There are many things that could be worse. Life is not always perfect.

I had decided that I was not going to let anything ruin my trip.

Then all of a sudden the smell of a dirty diaper begins to fill the air.
Just a second!!!! YES, it could still be much worse.

Sometimes life is fun and sometimes it seems like it is unfair, but life
is good all the time. Why? Because God is good, all the time.

Always remember how good God is. Don’t let life’s unfortunate
distractions make you miss out on how good you are today.

If I can, you can.

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