" I have driven my car all over this country, from coast to coast showing people that if I can do it, you can do it - and to never
give up. "

A Personal Note from Gabriel

People think that the odds are always against me when they first see me…


From the day I was born, everybody always said I would never be able to walk, but since the age of five when I started to walk the doctors began to say it was a miracle that I could walk since my legs are not even connected to my hip joints and my feet are turned sideways. However, many years later…. I’m still walking.


When I was in High School I wanted to take the Driver’s Ed class and learn to drive a car like all my friends, but was told there was no way I would ever be able to drive a car. But shortly after High School my determination got me behind the wheel and cruising the highways from Los Angeles to New York City, down to Miami and into Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. I have placed enough miles on my cars to have circled the earth five times.


As a youngster in pre-school I was given a box of Crayolas while my parents were being told not to expect much of a future in my life. Little did they know that I would one day be the owner of a very successful corporation and several other small businesses.

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